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Specializing in Closed Circuit TV Monitoring, High Speed Data Cabling and Fiber Optics

Dear Business Owner/ Restaurateur:

I would like to introduce Jessie Electric Co. Founded in 1981, we provide a wide variety of electrical installations. Our service and professionalism is our best asset, recommendations upon request.

We Offer: Commercial lighting indoor and outdoor

Separate circuits of all types

Electrical hook-ups of restaurant equipment

Maintenance work and service calls

New Division Added To Jessie Electric Co. #6615!

Have us install a Closed Circuit TV Monitoring System (CCTV)

During your business hours, especially your busy hours, monitor and record on a VCR. Have cameras installed to capture events from the lobby, dining room, kitchen, delivery dock, or parking lot. Protect your investment; you can't be in all places at the same time!

Monitor your restaurant at home or at a remote location, perfect if you are an absentee owner.

Whether it's for an electrical job or installing cameras to secure your establishment, call us today @ 732-901-9166

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email us.