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Dear Child Care Director,

As you are well aware, nothing is more precious than the young children entrusted to your care. Yet, today's headlines deliver frightening scenarios about what goes on in some child care centers.

You can protect yourself and the children under your care by installing a closed circuit television monitoring system (CCTV) on your premises. Constant monitoring will reassure parents of their child's safety, as well as his or her social interaction, physical activities, and educational development.

You, too, will able to monitor the actions of your employees. A CCTV system will offer the peace of mind that both you and the parents who send their children to you, require.

Jessie Electric Co. Lic. # 6615 would be happy to set up an appointment with you to discuss the monitoring plan that will best suit your needs. We also offer a full line of electrical installations and computer network cabling. For further information, please call John Krutak at (732) 901-9166.

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