Closed Circuit TV Monitoring (CCTV)



A closed circuit TV monitoring system is based on providing a picture taken by camera then displaying this information onto a monitor. Most systems will use more than one camera utilizing various types of switching or multiplexing.


In today's industry, there are many types of cameras. The most common are visible (overt), or the most discreet types (covert) can be hidden or disguised. Cameras can be enhanced by voice recording, color, and pan, tilt, and zoom.


Closed circuit TV monitoring is now widely used for many environments such as retail shops, offices, restaurants, warehouses, retail distribution centers, public parking areas, gas stations, service areas, homes, and much more.


Whatever your application, there is a system that can be designed by Jessie Electric Co. (lic.#6615). Closed circuit TV monitoring systems not only can help protect your investment, but can also let your customers feel secure, knowing they are in a protected environment.


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